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Pre-Seed News

Pre-Seed News
Pre-Seed lubricant is now owned by Church and Dwight and is packaged in new dark blue packaging under the brand First Response Pre-Seed

Free Delivery on Pre-Seed at Access Diagnostics Fertility Shop

If you at Access Diagnostics Fertility site you will qualify for their free UK delivery offer.
Discount Coupon from Access Diagnostics

Discount Coupon from Access Diagnostics

Save 5% every time you shop at Access Diagnostics fertility shop before the end of January 2017 by using online discount coupon ADT. They sell a range of fertility products including Pre-Seed, ovulation tests strips, ultra early pregnancy tests, fertility thermometers, male home fertility test kits and lots more.
Pre-Seed lubricant back in UK

Pre-Seed lubricant back in UK

Great news PreSeed is now back in stock in the UK and available to order online. Use discount coupon code FAB before the end of April 2016 to save 5%]. It has also been released to our wholesale customers once again.
Pre-Seed shortage in UK

Pre-Seed shortage in UK

Unfortunately due to problems in production we have another shortage of in the UK. The next delivery to UK is not expected until mid April, because of this Pre-Seed will not be available to our wholesale customers until that time. We still have a small stock of Pre-Seed which will be available via our retail sites, but once that is sold it will be unavailable until the next delivery to UK. All UK stock is now in the new pink packaging shown in the picture
Pre-Seed due back in stock this week in UK

Pre-Seed due back in stock this week in UK

Following the recent shortage in the UK of Pre-Seed lubricant Access Diagnostics fertility site have pre-released the Pre-Seed for sale as it is due back in stcok this week. The shortage occurred after the Pre-Seed range was sold earlier this year to become part of the First Response family. It is likely the packaging will be the same for this shipment although it may later change to reflect its change in ownership.

Use discount coupon ADSUM to get 5% off Pre-Seed Lubricant when you order online from Access Diagnostics


Use discount coupon code ADSUM before the end of August 2015 to get a 5% discount on your Pre-Seed lubricant order at Access Diagnostics Fertility

Use this discount coupon to get 5% off Pre-Seed Lubricant when you order online from Access Diagnostics


Use discount coupon code sp5 to get a 5% discount on your Pre-Seed lubricant order at Access Diagnostics Fertility

Autumn 2012 5% Discount on your Pre-Seed from Access Diagnostics

Autumn 2012 5% Discount on your Pre-Seed from Access Diagnostics

Use coupon code sum5 before end of October 2012 to get a 5% discount on your Pre-Seed order at Access Diagnostics Fertility or Valuemed.

Summer 5% Discount on your Pre-Seed from Access Diagnostics

Use coupon code save5 before end of June 2012 to get a 5% discount on your Pre-Seed order at Access Diagnostics Fertility or Valuemed

Pre-Seed Flip Top Tube 70g coming soon

Pre-Seed have launched a 70g flip top tube of fertility friendly pre-Seed lubricant which is ideal for external application. This replaces the Pre lubricant tube.

Cheapest Pre-Seed in UK at just £12.75

Access Diagnostics Fertility have Pre-Seed sperm friendly lubricant for just £12.45 .
Use coupon code preseed to save an extra 5% on your order.
Spend over £25 on goods and get free UK delivery this month.

5% Discount on your Pre-Seed from Access Diagnostics


Use coupon code aut5 before end of January 2012 to get a 5% discount on your Pre-Seed order at Access Diagnostics Fertility or Valuemed

Buy 2 boxes and get free 1st class UK delivery making this cheapest delivered Pre-Seed in UK

Pre-Seed at ValueMed

Pre-Seed at ValueMed

This 10% voucher makes this the cheapest Pre-Seed currently in UK availble to buy online

Remember to use 10% discount coupon code VMED to save 10%
Coupon can be used on any products including Pre-Seed

Access Diagnostics Discount Coupon June 2011

Save 5% on your Pre-Seed when ordered at Access Diagnostics

Use discount coupon code SP5

Coupon is active until end of June 2011
1st class UK delivery is currently free at Access diagnostics on all Pre-Seed products
Pre-Seed Coupon-10% discount when you buy Pre-Seed online at Access Diagnostics

Pre-Seed Coupon-10% discount when you buy Pre-Seed online at Access Diagnostics


Access Diagnostics Fertility have a 10% discount coupon that is active until midnight on 15th May 2011 that you can use to purchase Pre-Seed online

The coupon code is SUM

Coupon can be used mulitiple times. Feel free to pass the coupon code onto to friends, family etc

Pre-Seed stocks running low

Pre-Seed stocks running low


Access Diagnostics stocks of Pre-Seed are currently running low and we have been advised that the next delivery to UK will not be until after the 21/3/11.

In view of this we may well run out of Pre-Seed this month. if you are currently using Pre-Seed, and you are in UK, it would be advisable to stock up now.

Pre-Seed is 'deal of the month this month' at Access Diagnostics Fertility Site


Pre-Seed pre-filled 6 apps are on 'deal of the month' at Access Diagnostics fertility shop at just £11.99 with free 1st class standard UK delivery.

Remember to use discount coupon code CJG5 to save an extra 5% on your Pre-Seed order before the end of March 2011.
Pre-Seed Deal

Pre-Seed Deal

Free UK Delivery on Pre-Seed


1st class UK delivery is currently Free on all products ordered through Access Diagnostics fertility website including Pre-Seed
Pre-Seed discount coupon code

Pre-Seed discount coupon code


Here is a coupon code to help with your Pre-Seed purchase from Access Diagnostics Fertility

Discount coupon code is CJG5 and gives a 5% discount on any purchase including Pre-Seed.

Coupon is active until end of March 2011 and may be used multiple times. Feel free to pass the coupon on to friends, family, chat groups etc

Free ultra pregnancy tests with Pre-Seed purchased at AccessDiagnostics


Access Diagnostics Fertility currently have a special offer on bulk purchases of Pre-Seed for October

Buy 2 packs of Pre-Seed 40g and get 5 FREE ultra early pregancy tests sent with your order
Buy 3 packs of Pre-Seed 40g and get 10 FREE ultra early pregancy tests sent with your order

& Delivery is Free for October 2010

Pre-Seed now only available in 40g tube

Pre-Seed now only available in 40g tube

ING the manufacturers of Pre-seed have now discontinued the 6 pre-filled applicators packs of Pre-Seed. These have been replaced by the 40g multi-use tube with 9 applicators.

Pre-Seed 6 applicator packs new packaging

Pre-Seed 6 applicator packs new packaging

June 2010

Same great Pre-Seed lubricant in the 6 pre-filled applicators we know you love, just in new EU packaging

Pre-Seed packaging changing

Pre-Seed packaging changing


Pre-seed packaging changing and prices will be going up this summer
Pre-Seed will shortly only be available in a multi-use tube with 9 applicators

Here is what the new packs will look like
Another inspiring Pre-Seed success story

Another inspiring Pre-Seed success story


We received this lovely Pre-Seed testimonial just before christmas. Thank you Amy for sending it to us and all the best for the pregnancy.

My husband(31) and I(28) just got married a little over 2 months ago and we knew we wanted to start our family right away. The first two cycles there we did ALOT of trying at fertile times but nothing happened. I was sort of surprised because we had conceived once before and i knew we were both able. I had noticed that my CM was only watery at my fertile times (not EWCM like it was when i was younger) and not very abundant. Just before my fertile days in the 3rd cycle, i ran ac cross a few message boards talking about preseed. I found your site and read the testimonials and decided it couldn't hurt and may help alot. So I had it overnighted to my house. I used it every day that we BD (every other day during my fertile time). It had a great feel to it, very natural. With preseed (in conjunction with Fertile Focus & BBT to determine when to try) I got my very first BFP yesterday at 12DPO!!! I truly believe the good Lord led me to your product and that it had alot to do with us being able to conceive so soon (3rd cycle). Thank you so much for such a wonderful product! I will be recommending it to all my TTC friends and even those who just want the extra moisture.
Amy 22/12/09

Pre sachets no longer available-Pre now in tubes only

Pre sachets no longer available-Pre now in tubes only

Pre Isotonic personal lubricant is now available in the 3.6 oz flip top tube you have wanted!

Lovely Pre-Seed Success Story from UK

Lovely Pre-Seed Success Story from UK


Hi - another one for you (if a little late!). I had had many miscarriages and when I remarried at 42 I didn’t really expect to have a child, but charted for a couple of months and so became aware of the various TTC websites; after reading Pre-Seed recommendations on them, I ordered some online and we used it for our 4th cycle TTC. Needless to say we conceived immediately and have a darling son who is now 13 months old. I have just stopped breastfeeding him and so we’re TTC- ing number two, if we can (I’m now 45). Of course, we’re using Pre- Seed again. Even if we don’t succeed, your lovely product makes it an enjoyable experience. Thank you to Dr Ellington and the teams in both the US and the UK.

Access Diagnostics May 2009 Coupon Code


5% Discount coupon

Use online coupon code zest to receive a 5% discount at either of our fertility sites below when buyng Pre-Seed

Coupons can be used multiple times

To use coupon code enter the code exactly as it is typed above and then click update

If you are a member of a specialist fertility, ttc chat group or support group that would benefit from discount coupons specific for that group that last 12 months, please let us know by e-mail to kate@adtuk.co.uk

Pre-Seed & ING Fertility on UK TV


The Great Sperm Race

We have it on good authority, from Dr E herself at ING Fertility, that this programme is due to be screened on Channel 4 on 23rd March.' We thought it was going to be on in Feb but it was rescheduled so apologies if you tried to tune in to watch it in February.

Tune in on the 23rd March to see 'The Great Sperm Race’ narrated by Pre-Seed inventor Dr Joanna Ellington (sperm physiologist & CEO INGfertility)

Why am I not getting pregnant ?


Dr Ellington has recently written, for her blog in USA, this useful reminder of her opinion on the 4 most common reasons that may cause difficulty conceiving. Remember Dr E is American & she wrote this for an american audience so if you think these things appply to you discuss them with your GP.

The fertility basics are the same whatever country you are in although the healthcare provision varies from country to country, so enjoy reading this helpful article.

Thank you Dr E for writing it

Top 4 Reasons for Failing to Conceive

Over 75% of the time couples that are not conceiving (that are infertile), have one of the following four problems. If you are younger than 35 yrs of age (for the woman)- have these checked out if you have not conceived in a year. If you are 35 yrs old or older, after 6 months of trying you may want to get checked out!

1) Poor Sperm Quality: At least 50% of the time, when a couple is not conceiving there is some component of abnormal or poor quality sperm. This may be all of the problem, or partially the problem (so that both the man and the woman are contributing). A sperm analysis should be done by an ANDROLOGIST or a fertility Urologist. Many RE clinics do not do sperm analyses correctly (read other FAQs here about this). IF his test is abnormal, repeat it once more to confirm the results. Also, remember with guys, quality counts! The better intercourse feels for him, and the more foreplay the MORE sperm he can make. Pre~Seed® can help here to make things slippery fun!

2) Abnormal Cycle: This often has to do with hormonal abnormalities, and can be seen as failure to ovulate or cycle normally, or chemical pregnancy and losses. Working with an ObGyn or RE to evaluate how your ovaries are functioning is critical. While you are waiting, keep a careful, detailed log of when you have your period, when you have any ovulation mucus, and any other information on your cycle. The very best book on monitoring this is Toni Weschler’s book, Taking Charge of Your Fertility.

3) Tubal Problems: Many women have blocked tubes, that keep the sperm and egg from meeting. The only way to know if this is the case is to have special testing done. In general, couples often wait too long to have this testing. It can be helpful to know what is going on, and in some cases the testing itself can help promote conception. Especially if you have had a history of Chlamydia or bacterial vaginosis, have this checked!

4) Poorly Timed Intercourse: Many couples do not have intercourse at the right time. Specifically, some women ovulate a little later than OPKs suggest. So they are quitting the baby dance too soon. If you are unsure at all, regular intercourse 2-3 times a week has been shown to be almost as effective as every day well timed intercourse. Too many couples have daily sex for 2-3 days early on at ovulation and then stop, only to have actually missed her peak time.

If you have ruled all these out, then I also suggest you have a sperm chromatin assay done, to make sure the DNA in his sperm is of an adequate quality to support conception.

Good Luck
Dr. E

Access Diagnostics 5% Discount Coupon Code Feb 2009


Access Diagnostics UK fertility site have a coupon code valid until the end of February 2009 that gives a 5% discount on any fertility goods & fertility tests purchased through this site

Simply enter the coupon code save and then do your shopping

& UK shipping is currently FREE on Pre-Seed products

PreSeed Success Story from UK

December 2008

To whom this may concern:

We have been trying to conceive for nearly 4 years and had already undertaken various tests and Clomid to no avail. I first heard about your product on a blog and was skeptical about all the success your customers had yet we have used your product twice and we are already expecting!

I wished I had known about Pre-Seed earlier and am amazed that no medical professionals had every recommended it to us. I really can’t thank you enough and will be spreading the word as to how amazing your product is!

J.R., United Kingdom 1/12/08
Special Offer on Pre-Seed Multi-Use Tube

Special Offer on Pre-Seed Multi-Use Tube


Access Diagnostics have a great special offer on Pre-Seed mulit-use 40g tube



Access Diagnostics have a DISCOUNT coupon code for 6.5 % discount on goods until end of September 2008
may be used on Pre-Seed
Use it quick before it expires

the coupon code is AD


Pre-Seed.info Blog


We saw this recent Pre-Seed testimonial on the manufacturers website www.preseed.com and wanted to share it with you

'We get so many heart-warming stories from all of you, but occasionally someone writes us with a truly amazing TTC journey, such as this…dr.e… '

'OMG Thanks! I never write into companies, but this experience is too good to be true. For over six years, we had tried to conceive and we had seen specialist after specialist. We were told my husband has 99% bad sperm and low counts and I have PCOS, so it was very unlikely that we would ever get pregnant together without IVF. The first and only time we used your PreSeed product, much to our surprise we conceived. That was the only change that month. I’m telling all my fertility challenged friends about the magic goop that worked. Thanks again. We’re now 4 months pregnant and are hoping for a healthy baby. Kind regards, ~ K '