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Pre-Seed Catalogue  
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How to use Pre-Seed 40g tube

How to use Pre-Seed 40g tube

Each pack of Pre-Seed 40g comes with 9 single use applicators instructions for use
Keep cap tightly applied to Pre-Seed tube between uses.

Pre-Seed Instructions-directions for use

Using Pre Seed lubricant is easy. It can be used either intravaginally or applied externally to either or both partners.

Instructions for using Pre-Seed Intravaginally

Pre-Seed's moisture can best mimic natural secretions when apllied intravaginally.
Insert applicator into vagina to deposit Pre-Seed prior to intercourse.
Do not store lubricant in applicator for more than 30 minutes prior to use.
Do not re-use applicators
Dispose of each applicator after use
Each pack of Pre-Seed 40g comes with directions & instruction leaflet enclosed in box
Each box of Pre-Seed multi-use contains 9 vaginal applicators designed for vaginal application prior to intercourse.
Placing the Pre-Seed deep within the vagina allows for the "sperm-friendly" intimate moisture to coat the vagina and external cervix, providing moisture where it is most needed.
Based on experience with Pre Seed, the staff at INGfertility recommends application of Pre~Seed around 15 minutes prior to when you begin love making. It works well to apply Pre~Seed while sitting on the toilet or squatting.

Using Pre-Seed for External Lubrication

Pre-Seed can also be used as an external lubricant. Squeeze a small amount onto your fingertips and apply to genital area. Compatible with latex or polyurethane condoms. If using with condoms apply the lubricant directly from the tube. For semen collection , use only a polyurethane condom.

Pre-Seed lubricant supplements the body's own natural lubricating fluids to relieve friction and enhance the comfort of intimate sexual activity.
It is safe for use by couples who are trying to conceive. Pre-Seed may be applied to vaginal or penile tissues for lubrication or moisturisation. Pre-Seed may also be used to lubricate vaginal tissues to facilitate entry of diagnostic or therapeutic devices, including during fertility procedures.

Why choose Pre-Seed

Pre~Seed was the first ‘fertility-friendly’ personal lubricant to be developed that mimics natural body secretions to relieve vaginal dryness while providing an optimal sperm environment. Its moisture is delivered in the same pH , osmolality and viscosity (thickness) as fertile cervical mucus. Pre~Seed does not harm sperm or embryos, and is less irritating to women than the leading lubricants.
Pre lubricant

Pre lubricant

Pre lubricant has been replaced by Pre Seed lubricant 40g multi-use tube