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Pre-Seed lubircant

Pre-Seed lubircant

How does Pre-Seed work ?

Some popular lubricants can create a barrier that interferes with sperm. Whereas, sperm in Pre-Seed are able to move freely through both the semen and the Pre~Seed moisturizer.

Pre-Seed is a fertility friendly personal lubricant that mimics natural body secretions to relieve vaginal dryness while providing an optimal sperm environment. Pre~Seed's moisture is delivered in a fluid with the same pH and osmolarity as semen, so as not to harm sperm.

Applying Pre~Seed® inside the vagina can supplement natural secretions involved in reproduction, including fertile cervical fluids.

Pre~Seed® is recommended by and used in leading fertility and women’s clinics in the USA, and has beeen reccomended in numerous best selling fertility books including 'Taking charge of your fertility' by Toni Weschler

How to use PreSeed for conception

Pre-Seed lubricant has been designed to mimic fertile cervial mucus and so is the ideal lubricant for couples trying to conceive where vaginal dryness is a problem.

Other non fertility friendly lubircants should be avoided if you are trying to conceive as they can hinder and harm sperm.

Is Preseed safe for conception ?

Pre-Seed has been developed by a female doctor and has been shown in clinical studies to be safe and to be fertility friendly and to not limit or harm sperm.

Is preseed safe to use ?

Pre-Seed is Isotonic and pH balanced to mimic fertile fluids

Is preseed effective ?

There are lots and lots of Preseed success stories and in clinical studies it has been shown to be fertility friendly.
Click here to read some Pre-Seed success stories

How do I use Pre Seed personal lubricant ?

Pre-Seed's moisture can best mimic natural secretions when apllied intravaginally.
Insert applicator into vagina to deposit Pre-Seed prior to intercourse.

Do not store lubricant in applicator for more than 30 minutes prior to use.
Do not re-use applicators
Dispose of each applicator after use

How to use Preseed applicator

Each box of Pre-Seed multi-use contains 9 vaginal applicators designed for vaginal application prior to intercourse.

Placing the Pre-Seed deep within the vagina allows for the "sperm-friendly" intimate moisture to coat the vagina and external cervix, providing moisture where it is most needed.

Based on experience with Pre Seed, the staff at INGfertility recommends application of Pre~Seed around 15 minutes prior to when you begin love making. It works well to apply Pre~Seed while sitting on the toilet or squatting

Can I Pre-Seed for external lubrication

Pre-Seed can also be used as an external lubricant and applied to either patner. Squeeze a small amount onto your fingertips and apply to genital area.

Compatible with latex or polyurethane condoms. If using with condoms apply the lubricant directly from the tube.

For semen collection , use only a polyurethane condom.

Does Pre Seed have any side effects ?

A very small number of women do experience some irritation after using Pre-Seed. The rate is about 0.5%, based on ING records.

Such irritation can be due to pregnancy or hormonal changes, or an allergic reaction. Please note, if irritation occurs for you while using Pre-Seed, stop using the product. If the irritation persists, please contact your doctor.

Is Preseed safe to use with clomid

Pre-Seed is safe to use with Clomid

Will preseed kill sperm ?

Pre-Seed has been specifically developed to not harm sperm

Will Pre-Seed help sperm live longer ?

Pre-Seed will not extend the life of the sperm, but it has been shown in clinical studies to not hinder or harm them

Is Pre-Seed available in Boots and other high street chemists in the UK ?

We are not currently aware of any locations where you can buy Pre-Seed in Boots or other high street shops in the UK. In the USA it is widely avaialble in many independent pharmacies, as well as larger stores. If you are in the UK and you wish to buy Pre-Seed you will currently need to buy it online.