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Pre-Seed Ingredients are Fertility Friendly

Pre-Seed Ingredients are Fertility Friendly

Pre-Seed's patented ingredients are fertility friendly & include:

Purified water: Very pure with low endotoxin from bacterial cell walls, and low metal or salt content.

Hydroxyethylcellulose: A non-toxic thickener. Has been shown to be similar to cervical mucus in laboratory studies.

Pluronic: A non-toxic slippery agent.

Sodium chloride: Makes the product isotonic to semen. Similar science as to why you drink Gatorade when you are dehydrated!

Arabinogalactan: A unique plant polysaccharide from larch trees, that provides antioxidant support for cells. Arabinogalactan is a very large sugar and can not be digested by bacteria or yeast to cause an infection, as can small molecules like glycerin.

Sodium phosphate & Potassium phosphate: Protects and holds the pH to that of semen and fertile cervical mucus for an optimal sperm environment.

Carbomer: A non-toxic thickener.

Methylparaben: One of the most mild and well studied of all preservatives against bacterial growth. There is a detailed discussion of why we use this at our FAQs, but in Summary there is no evidence that this paraben at the levels Pre-Seed use has any adverse effect on sperm or reproduction.

Sodium hydroxide: Raises the pH to that of semen and fertile cervical mucus.