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Pre-Seed Catalogue  
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Pre-Seed Multi-Use 40gm Tube

Pre-Seed Multi-Use 40gm Tube

Pre-Seed Multi-Use 40gm Tube

Pre-Seed Multi-Use contains 9 plus applications in a 40 gm tube

Great value allows you to use as much or as little Preseed as required.

Pre~Seed Multi-Use Fertility-friendly Intimate Moisturizer in a 40 gm tube with 9 twist on re-usable applicators.

You choose the amount of product you want to apply intravaginally prior to intercourse.

Pre~Seed is designed to be applied inside the vaginal canal to best mimic natural secretions. Applying Pre~Seed intravaginally before intercourse, allows the patented moisture with the plant antioxidant- arabinogalactan, to coat the vaginal canal and cervical opening. This allows sperm to encounter an optimal environment following ejaculation, as they start their journey.

Because Pre~Seed's formula has been shown to be less irritating than the leading lubricants, women from all walks of life enjoy this product, including women with pelvic pain issues, or women undergoing hormonal changes. Moisturizing and lubricating inside the vagina allows for deep, slippery fun for couples!

The intravaginal application allows the product to be applied well before lovemaking. And Pre~Seed is so natural feeling, some women don’t even tell their partners they are using it!

This Multi-Use tube has a slightly stronger preservative in it than our single use applicators. Although our Pre~Seed Multi-Use does not harm sperm or interfere with fertilization, it may cause some women who are sensitive more discomfort than the single use applicators. Keep this in mind when choosing the right product for you!

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